Superyellow is a Nordic headwear brand established in 2007. Our base camp is located in Finland which is known for its cold and snowy winters. That’s why we have such a passion for making functional headwear for every season and occasion. In our products Scandinavian design is combined with high quality materials such as Merino Wool and Organic Cotton. Whether you were planning to spend your day outdoors or just strolling around the city, we have a beanie for you.

Superyellow ARCTOS terracotta

SUSTAINABILITY #wedothingsright

Environment is important to us and it is considered in every action we take. From the very beginning our aim has been to create eco-friendly and locally produced beanies.  With local production and by using recycled materials we are able to produce high quality wool products with low environmental impact. We feel that if you want to be a sustainable company, you need to start with quality product that last. Nature is our biggest inspiration and we want that it stays as it is.

KJEMPE merino wool beanie cognac


Every step of the beanie production is carried out in Finland. Local production is an important choice we have made. First of all, we know for sure that in Finland we have strong craftmanship in this field. Who would be better in making wool beanies than people who spend most of the year in a cold, harsh climate. Secondly, with local production we are able to lower the impact on environment due to shorter transport distances and we can ensure that the working conditions are good. Knitting and sewing takes place in our factories that have a long history of making knitted products. After the production we do one last quality check before shipping the products to our customers.


We only use 100% mulesing free merino wool and here are no harmful irritant or chemicals used in the wool farming and the working conditions are strictly monitored. The sheep farming of non-mulesed sheep is an animal friendly way of wool production. We like happy sheep. Why we use merino wool? We think it is simply one of the best headwear materials in the world. It is breathable, warm and it lasts from season to season. By using merino wool, we are able to work with the wool farmers who share the same environmental values as us.

For our cotton products we use only Organic and Oeko-Tex certified cotton. The cotton is produced in a way that it reduces impact on the environment during life cycle of production, use and disposal. The cotton farming complies with the ecological standards and there are no harmful chemicals used. The dyestuffs used in the cotton fabric are also eco-friendly.